Hello Alberni Podcast – Episode 004: Dennis Olsen, Part 1

February 16, 2013

Dennis Olsen Reflects

We’ve got a special treat for you this weekend – it’s Part 1 of our Dennis Olsen chat that was held February 2, 2013 at The Capitol Theatre.

subscribe-via-itunesIn this podcast, we speak with Dennis about how he got started in music and discovered his passion for playing guitar. It’s a fascinating journey, including some world travels.

Musically, the audience enjoyed Dennis’ classical guitar stylings, many of which you’ll hear in this podcast.

Thanks go out to my co-host for “An Evening Out”, Denis Levasseur. Our technical team included Ken Wiegand on sound operations and Nathan Satterlee in the booth running the lights for the show. Paul Blondahl took the great photos you see here.

Partial proceeds from this event will benefit the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada – by the time Part 2 of “An Evening Out” is posted, we’ll have the final donation amount to share with you.


Dennis Olsen, Peter Wienold and Denis Levasseur.

Dennis Olsen, Peter Wienold and Denis Levasseur.